Flat Screen TV

Feb 4 - 25, 2011
"Refugee Reading Room," a project by Amze Emmons
Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

Flat Screen TV was produced in direct response to a call for publications from Amze Emmons, for his project "The Refugee Reading Room." Our first issue deals with the themes of extinction, parasitism and symbiosis, hermaphroditism as well as fantastical and imaginary creatures, presented through the framework of a bestiary.

"Refugee Reading Room" included over 100 publications from 60+ artists. The works were available for free from the kiosk, and for reference on the two reading tables.

Ten artists contributed to the first issue: Glen Eden Einbinder, Mike Estabrook, Joann Harrah, Brian Higbee, Vandana Jain, Sarah Julig, Christina Kelly, Ben Knight, Dorothy Royale and Tanja Thorjussen. View or download a pdf of the issue.