The artists

Artcodex is a group of artists who all have their own individual practice but also enjoy collaborating on larger projects. At the core of our collective practice is an investigation of contemporary social, political and economic issues. The War Show, a series of exhibitions exploring the idea of antagonistic collaboration, invited artists to duel through their artwork. It was staged in several forms: as duels between pairs of artists in Tactics at Future Prospects in Manila, Philippines; as a group attack in Invasion at Art of This in Minneapolis, MN; and as a war of history in Archive at ABC No Rio in New York City. Themes we have addressed in our projects include Native vs. Non-Native, Gentrification, Homeland Security, and Boom Town Economics.

The collective members vary from project to project. but at it core, artcodex is comprised of Vandana Jain, Mike Estabrook, Glen Einbinder and Emmanuel Migrino. Past collaborators have included Brian Higbee, Jenn Berklich, Ernest Concepcion, Jason Lujan and Maria Hupfield,Ben Knight, Dormafe Baluyos-Fox, Dorothy Royale, Sarah Kipp, Mona Kamal, and David Gould.

The Website

This website has gone through several iterations. To visit the archived versions, please click a link below. Sites will open in a new browser window.

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The project is maintained by Vandana Jain.