About Us

Artcodex is an umbrella for the collaborative works of Vandana Jain and Mike Estabrook. Over the years we have collaborated with dozens of others, and consider our roles as simultaneously participants, instigators and organizers. Though each project is different, we often like to create spontaneous communities of artists and non-artists to explore contemporary issues.

In 2017-2018, we worked with ABC No Rio to organize a series of exhibitions centered on cooperation and non-competition, including the Game Show and Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid. Another recent project dealt with issues surrounding genetic modification of food, monocrops and community (Mutant Corn). In 2008, we co-organized No Assumption, a show about healthcare, debt and the housing crash, that took place in a foreclosed home.

Other artists that are part of artcodex include Glen Einbinder, Brian Higbee, Manny Migriño, and Electric Djinn.

Artcodex has worked in conjunction with many artist partners in the US and abroad, including Future Prospects, Manila, The Philippines; Art of This, Minneapolis, MN; Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands, and the Dacha Project, Ithaca, NY. We have been in residence at Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC; Bose Pacia, Brooklyn, NY, Holes in the Wall Collective, New Jerusalem, PA and the Montello Residency in Montello, NV.