im/Migration of the Species, May 31 - July 15, 2008. As part of Emergence, Governor's Island.

Im/Migration of the Species explores the many meanings of native and non-native by instigating a plant war of native and non-native species to be fought in an arena shaped like Governor's Island. Visitors are invited to propagate the war in their own backyards by taking available native and non-native seed packets and planting them in vacant lots around the city.

 The War Show
 Archive: March 14 - April 6, 2008, Ides of March, ABC No Rio, NY, NY
 Invasion: Aug 28 - Sept 8, 2006, Art of This, Minneapolis, MN
 Tactics: April 8 - 15, 2006, Future Prospects, Manila, Philippines

The War Show explores antagonistic collaboration, and has evolved through several themes since its inception. The first ever War Show took place in the Philippines in March 2006, where Manila and Brooklyn artists paired off and conducted mini art battles. In September, a group of eight artists engaged an artist-run gallery in Minneapolis in a mock-invasion and propaganda war. Most recently, we conducted a war of historical narrative and re-telling at the Ides of March for ABC No Rio.

 PAR Recruiting Station, May 6-8, 2006, "IAM5", Parker's Box, Brooklyn, NY

The Pavilion for the American Resistance was conceived as an autonomous art event to occur in Venice during the Biennale. As we met to discuss the project, we quickly realized that we were working towards more than a singular exhibition, and that we were in fact building a framework for dedicated exploration of the idea of resistance and its possible forms.

We hope to use the rubric of the Pavilion to carry out exhibitions in the United States and abroad that represent the fruits of our study of this notion of resistance. Given that we all have very different thoughts as to the nature of resistance and what we are resisting, this often takes on a pluralistic nature with many different projects and activities being presented.  We are often both the conductors of experiments as well as the subjects of these experiments.

Resistance is a concept that has reappeared and redefined itself throughout history. As artists and citizens of the United States in the present time, we encourage other groups to carry on the process of creating their own pavilion of the American Resistance to convey a more in-depth representation of what it means to be actively resistant in the current culture.


 Seen Through Glass, Conflux 2006, Brooklyn, NY

From dusk to dawn, TVs in street-facing apartments screen short videos in scattered Williamsburg locations.

This is a nighttime project. Individuals with street facing apartments have been solicited for the use of one window to run a dvd compilation from dusk to dawn for the three nights of the festival. The compilation will feature short video works by national and international artists that deal with dislocation, memory, alienation, and transplantation, reflection through the visual conceit of the window or mirror.